KLOFÁČ, spol. s r.o., foliate fertilizers

A rich and quality crop is the wish of every farmer and gardener. With our foliate fertilizers, manufactured under the trademark KLOFÁČ, you can be sure of higher yields and the quality of individual products, whether you cultivate thousands of hectares or just a few plots with your favourite vegetables. Our highly concentrated foliate fertilizers supply the exact nutrients which your plants need for their health and growth.

Why KLOFÁČ foliate fertilizers?

  • We develop and test our fertilizers on the basis of many years experience. The development and testing of new fertilizers is carried out in laboratories and they are then tested and evaluated in natural field conditions. Only fertilizers which attain the best results are then carried through to final registration.
  • The direct effect on the productivity and quality of individual plants is evaluated by independent experiments carried out at ÚKZÚZ stations in Brno, at Czech universities or at specialized research facilities across the whole of the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • The kinds of foliate fertilizers named LAMAG, FUMAG and KLOMAG are the only ones on the market to have, apart from the fertilizing function, registered fungicidal side effects.
  • A very well developed fertilizer, widely welcomed by agriculturalists, is based on carbon. This fertilizer, in which individual elements are tied to active carbon, has become an inseparable part of farmers´ current methods of plant nutrition, especially with rapeseed, cereals, sugar beet, potatoes, maize, grapes and vegetables.
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